Mike Berg N0QBH


Here's a few of my electronics projects that use Microchip PIC microcontrollers.

The original PIC MX614 packet decoder
Four PIC zero crossing detector packet decoders
FreeTrak PIC GPS to radio interface for APRS
Data transmit for TinyTrak(c)or FreeTrak
Freetrak APRS MFSK16 Trackers & Texter for HF * New! - PCB from OSH Park available
QRSS - Micro powered HF transmitters
FTA Satellite Accessories
PIC R/C servo projects
Magnetic Card Swipe Lock

Recommended Products / Sites

Free PIC program assembler Microchip Corp
A PIC builders goldmine!! Sparkfun Electronics
Motherlode of information Massmind.org

Questions and inquiries can be sent to: Ask Mike

This page was updated 11-27-2014