R/C Trainer Port to Serial Interface

This interface converts RC transmitter stick movements into serial data.
Newly updated schematic and software written for the PIC 16F62x series micro.

The SSC2 Version

With this version of software, the circuit in the schematic outputs your transmitter stick movements serially in a format used by the SSC2 servo controller (shown above).
Makes it easy to use serial data radios to control the servos on your project.
An earlier version of this device was used by the 2001 Ridgewater College Wireless Electronics class to operate a video equipped remote controlled vehicle at a range of over 2 miles.

The FMS Simulator Version

Using the same circuit, this PIC program lets you use your RC transmitter to fly the FMS flight simulator for very realistic training with both airplanes and helicopters.
The FMS software is free and available at the link below.

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This page was updated 2-24-2007