PIC Servo Weasel

*** Simple control for 2 servos ***
Servo Weasel Voltage Controlled 2 channel
If you need a way to manually operate a couple of servos this little device might be just the ticket.
One or two servos connect directly to the Servo Weasel and they can all operate from the same 4.6 volt servo battery.
By varying the voltage between 0 and 5 volts, each control input will move it's servo in proportion with 1024 steps of resolution.
In this example the potentiometers vary the control voltage and precisely direct the servos.
I originally designed this circuit to aim a camera with a tilt/pan servo pair.

Programmable control for a single servo
Servo Weasel Voltage Programmable
This application is designed for situations where the control voltage varies less than 0 - 5 volts but you want the servo to move full range. With this version in program mode, you vary the control input between it's maximum and minimum values (which must fall between 0 and 5v). When put in operate mode, the servo will move full swing between the two programmed voltages. The direction of movement is also reversible. The settings are saved in non volatile memory until you decide to change them. The newest code and circuit corrects earlier config bug caused by int osc and int mclr. /MCLR is now external.

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