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Hi! My name is Christine McHoes and I custom sew hand made mittens, hats and head bands from furs that my husband, David, traps.
We live in the "bush country" of Alaska where there are marten, beaver, wolverine, coyote, mink, fox and wolf.
A few years ago, we started hand sewing mittens and hats to order. Today, we proudly invite you to look at our products.

Our Home Near Skwentna, AK

Winters can be especially rough with temperatures as low as -50F and snow depths that can reach 10 feet!
My brother's web site has a page with some more detail on who we are.

The McHoe's of Skwentna, AK

Our Product Line

Wolf Headband

Beaver Gauntlet Mitts

Martin Full Fur Trapper Hat

Slimline Beaver mitt

Baby Booties

Slimline w/Coyote Ruff

Price List for 2018

Beaver Gauntlet Mitts (mouton lined)    $350
Beaver Gauntlet Mitts (fur lined)    $470
Beaver Trapper Style Hat (partial fur) leather    $230
Beaver Trapper Style Hat (full fur)    $350
Slimline Mitts (Beaver lined, leather shell)    $220
Woman's Slimline Mitts
(Beaver lined, leather shell with coyote or wolf ruff)
Coyote, Wolf or Beaver Headbands    $120
Adult Warm Booties    $250
Baby Booties    $40
Baby Booties rabbit lined    $50

We can customize your order. Larger sizes on Booties by request.
If you are interested or would like more information on our products, please call and we will be happy to answer any questions.
Please remember we are on Alaska time (Pacific Time -1) when you call.

Phone (907)355-6203


Christine's Music Page

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