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Magnetic Swipe Reader Lock Control

Build your own magnetic card lock system

Theory of Operation
Schematic (click for PDF)
This project used a Magtek magnetic swipe card reader with TTL output.
I bought mine on Ebay for about $12.
It will allow you to use any card with valid data encoded as a pass key while rejecting all others.
The Magtek reader outputs data for two lines, each in synchronous serial format at TTL levels.
The interface uses line one data, comparing each read to the stored values, looking for a match.

The controller has two modes of operation. Learn and use.
In learn mode, it must see three consecutive good swipes of the same card before the data is accepted and stored.
After removing the "learn" jumper and cycling power, it now only accepts a card which matches it's memory.
The output is available to control whatever the builder wishes and is adjustable in length.

FILE PACK (ZIPPED) contains firmware, schematic and readme files.

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