Making a Variable Frequency Video Transmitter

This is what my controller looks like installed and operating. Inside the shielded video transmitter case
I have developed a 2300 - 2500 MHz tuner with LCD display for the Wavecom Jr transmitter.
It uses the same PIC interface hardware as the basic Wavecom Jr receiver tuner, but with different transmit software.
The tuner replaces the original four channel switch and is powered from the Wavecom transmitter.
After this modification the transmitter tunes from 2300 to 2500 MHz in 250 KHz or 4 Mhz steps.
Before installing the interface, there are modifications that must be done inside the metal transmitter RF enclosure. They involve removing a surface mount IC and soldering three jumpers.
There are also four pull up resistors and a switch that must be removed from the main circuit board.
Probably not a project for beginners.

NEW FOR 2008

Remembers last frequency used at shut down and reloads it at next power up.

Hex code included for the PIC 16F628A and 16F627.

Zip file contains detailed instructions, source code, schematic and photos.

wctx_62x.zip (102 kb)

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